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特定商取引法に基づく表記Legal Info

事業者名 株式会社 CAMEO JAPAN (株式会社カメオジャパン)
運営責任者 宮澤智泰
所在地 〒3591146 埼玉県所沢市小手指南1-5-1-901
TEL 042-946-7421
販売価格 商品ページに表示された金額(税込)
商品代金以外の付帯費用 送料:
日本国内 沖縄:1,240円(税込)北海道・九州:990円(税込)四国:890円(税込)中国:790円(税込)北東北・関西:690円(税込)南東北・関東・北陸・中部:590円(税込)※3,000円以上購入で送料無料
海外 オセアニア・北米・中米・中近東:2,000円 ヨーロッパ:2,400円 アジア:1,500円※海外からのご注文および海外への配送はセブン決済には対応しておりません
代引手数料: 330円(税込)
銀行振込手数料: 金融機関によって異なります
代金の支払方法 各種クレジットカード/Amazon Pay/Google Pay/Apple Pay/Paypal/代金引換/銀行振込/コンビニ払い
代金の支払時期 クレジットカード: ご利用のクレジットカード会社のご請求時
Google Pay/Apple Pay/Amazon Pay/PayPal: 各アカウントにご登録の各クレジット会社のご請求時
銀行振込: ご注文完了後
代金引換: 商品受取時
コンビニ払い: 10日まで
商品等の引き渡し時期 ご注文から3〜4営業日
返品の可否と条件 返品交換をご希望される場合は、予めメール又はお電話にてご連絡下さい。
・セール商品 ・お客様のご都合によるご返品(イメージ違い、サイズ違い、誤注文等)
Company Name CAMEO JAPAN Co., Ltd
Operation Manager Tomoyasu Miyazawa
Location 1-5-1-901, Kotesashi-Minami, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama 3591146
TEL 042-946-7421
Email Address
Selling price Amount displayed on the product page (including tax)
Incidental expenses other than the product price Shipping:
Within Japan: Okinawa: 1,240 yen (tax included) Hokkaido/Kyushu: 990 yen (tax included) Shikoku: 890 yen (tax included) Chugoku: 790 yen (tax included) Kita-Tohoku/Kansai: 690 yen (tax included) Southeastern/Northern/Kanto/Hokuriku/Chubu: 590 yen (tax included) *Free shipping with purchase of 3,000 yen or more
Overseas: Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East: 2,000 yen Europe: 2,400 yen Asia: 1,500 yen
Cash on delivery fee: 330 yen (tax included)
Bank transfer fee: varies by financial institution
Payment method Various credit cards/Amazon Pay/Google Pay/Apple Pay/Paypal/Cash on Delivery/bank transfer/convenience store payment
Payment Period Credit Card: When your credit card company bills you
Google Pay/Apple Pay/Amazon Pay/PayPal: When your credit card company bills you
Bank Transfer: After your order is complete
Cash on Delivery: When you receive your order
Convenience Store: Within 10 days
Delivery Time Three to four business days after the order is placed
Return Policy If you wish to return or exchange an item, please contact us in advance by email or phone.
We do not accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.
Products that have had their tags removed.
Slightly peeling paint on some decorative items.
Items that have been in the shop for more than a week.
Items that have lost their tags.
Products that have been used even once.
Made-to-order products (custom-made products)
Limited edition products (special limited edition products with a particularly short sales period)
Products that have been damaged or defaced due to customer negligence (including packaging and accessories)
Sale items
Returns due to customer's convenience (wrong image, wrong size, wrong order, etc.)
Other items that clearly show signs of use (e.g., perfume or tobacco smell, cosmetics on the item, stains or pain on the item, etc.)
In addition, we do not accept returns of items that are different from the image or do not fit the size for the customer's convenience.